Eliza Fletcher Autopsy Report: How Did She Die?

Current Status

While looking for the social occasion of Eliza Features, the police of Memphis found a sack containing blue collection shorts that should be of Eliza. They correspondingly found a dead body getting demolished, radiating a stunning smell.

Precisely when the body was sent for the after death report, obviously the body was of Eliza, who the Abston kidnaped. Extra data from her investigation isn’t uncovered at this point. Specialists said they would enlighten more when the right data whenever recuperated. Continue to examine and get more information related with Eliza murder.

Eliza Fletcher Funeral Service

The get-together of Eliza Fletcher articulated that a Funeral would be held tight saturday in Second Presbyterian Church at 10 AM. They share sentiments and love for her girl. The family correspondingly referred to that her festival be given to the Lisa Wellford Fletcher Memorial hold at Saint Mary School, Christ Methodist school and Second Presbyterian Church.

Her soul mate, Richard James Fletcher third and her two adolescents Richard James Fletcher fourth and Harry Wellford Fletcher, will go to her annihilation capacity nearby the guardians of Eliza, Adele Orgill and James Beasley.

Defense behind Death Eliza Fletcher

Resulting to getting back from jail, Serial executioner Abston tried to clutch Eliza while she was running close to Memphis University. She was obliged by the criminal Abston to get in the SUV vehicle yet in the Clash dropped negligible affirmation close to the awful conduct spot.

The criminal diverted Eliza, right now there was no indication of her body. During the journey for the nearby police, they found a trash bin with shorts that she wore upon the presence of the seizing.

Eliza Fletcher Autopsy Report is under police insistence. They didn’t encase the outright data about her passing; in any case, they asserted that the body they found close to the empty house was of Eliza. More data is yet to be encased by the power.


The dead variety of Eliza was tracked down close to the empty house. Police send the body to an examination report where the body’s affirmation was finished, yet more data isn’t uncovered.

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