About Us

“We engage, educate, and inspire with heart!”

Date of Creation and Narrative

In the year 2015, we first entered the field of unbiased evaluations. Since the company’s founding, our staff has worked hard to provide all genuine evaluations with the goal of assisting customers in making the best purchasing decisions.

We have broadened our horizons throughout the years by offering reviews of many websites and items along with some day-to-day updates. Our qualified staff members work tirelessly to deliver accurate reviews to all readers.

We would want to make clear to all of our readers that none of the goods we evaluate on our website are made by us.


Our goal

Our main goal is to give our visitors accurate reviews of various goods and websites. To help people avoid such frauds, we review and analyse every element of the items and websites. We create a choice that appears good for the readers by taking into account all the comments and information that is readily available online.


Readers may gain useful guidance from the evaluations and determine what is excellent or poor instead of becoming lost amid the countless possibilities available on the internet.


Our team strives to achieve all objectives by providing some crucial information that will enable readers to judge whether a website is worthwhile enough to invest time, money, and effort in.


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To ensure that all of our readers have access to the most transparent, worthwhile information, and authentic sources, we adhere to a strict set of rules and criteria.

However, feel free to contact us whenever and wherever you like if you have any comments or questions regarding the product or website reviews. We welcome your feedback.


Policy on Corrections

We anticipate that most of the time, our specialists will be correct. But since everyone is human, mistakes might happen. For this reason, we have established a formal procedure to address all types of factual mistakes effectively and promptly.

Anyone who encounters a mistake or incorrect information on Fra.bz is welcome to contact us to express their displeasure. Our team of experts continuously monitors all faults that may emerge on the website.